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At TMI we will sit down with you and work for you to find the best possible financial solution for your specific situation.


Consumer Proposal

By presenting your creditors a consumer proposal, we can reduce the amount you have to pay back by a percentage, increase the amount of time you have to pay them back, or both!

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Filing for Bankruptcy

We will deal with the creditors on your behalf, and once you have declared bankruptcy, you will stop making payments to creditors, stop any garnishments on your salary, and cease any lawsuits creditors may have against you.

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Financial Counselling

We can help find the pattern that is pushing you towards debt or insolvency. By putting together a proper budget, you can better understand the right financial decisions you should be making and begin to reestablish your credit.

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Consumer Guide

A free booklet direct from the Government of Canada teaching you how to deal with debt.

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General Q&A

Our knowledgeable team has over 30 years of experience and is ready to answers any and all of your questions. If you don’t find your answer on our website, contacting us should be your next step.
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